Do you feel it?

Does it feel like those dreams and promises to yourself for the new year are slipping away?

How can it be?

Are you doomed to failure like everyone else?

Reported failure rates range from around 50% to 92% depending on the source.

So do you just give up?  Doomed for failure, right?

Not so fast….


Would you be able to succeed more on your resolutions if you felt more in control of your time?

We know the answer.

Get a special package here.


While everyone else is failing we are here to help.

We’ve come up with a simple 3 item system that will help most any goal that matters happen.

  1. Habit – What habit do you want to change;
  2. Metrics – How will you measure if you are getting there; and
  3. Accountability – What systems and people are making sure you get there.

That’s right.  Break your resolution/goal into those 3 simple steps.  

You’ll want to check back here for our blog as we’ll be adding more materials on each of those steps later.

But for now identify those habits, start measuring and use an accountability partner.

And get this special package here to increase your time management skills.

R. Shawn McBride and Shannon J. Gregg are the authors of It’s About Time. You can check out their work and products and services at

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