It’s time to celebrate our book anniversary with an offer you cannot miss!  From October 1-5, 2018 only, you can choose your favorite special offer to share the gift of Time Magicment with yourself, a few friends, your whole team or clients and prospects!

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    “It’s About Time is a runaway hit because it resonates with the real-life struggles business professionals are experiencing in the digital age. There’s more on our plates than ever before, coming from every direction from print to tweets, to pings and rings. Shannon and Shawn have nailed the reason why we are more distracted from the most important productivity tasks than ever before and they nail the most tangible ways to solve these problems as well.”  —MARIO M. MARTINEZ, Jr., CEO, Founder & Digital Sales Evangelist, Vengreso

    “It’s About Time is the right book at the right time; in today’s ever-connected world, there never seems to be enough time! My company was founded on the ideals of using technology to improve process and automation, and Gregg and McBride have captured common-sense, no-nonsense tips on how to approach your life with a productive lens.” —HARBINDER KHERA, CEO, Mindmatrix

    “As the CEO of a rapid-paced business consulting firm there are so many demands on my time. It’s About Time is an insightful guide to help keep my priorities aligned so that I can stay focused on delivering strategic value to my clients.” —DENISE DeSIMONE, CEO, C-Leveled

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