“The Right View of Time Can Radically Change Your Life.” – R. Shawn McBride

It took me a long time to realize that.

If you are like many people we work with:

– You feel like there is too much to do in a day

– All of your demands are competing

– Everyone expects everything from you

– You just want to get ahead.



It has been said that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” – Leonardo da Vinci



Could something as basic as focusing on managing your time change your life?

We think so.  

And is there a simple program for getting better at managing your time?

YES!  [Dying to See It?  Click here.]

More on that in a minute.

Hi, I’m Shawn.


And this is my partner for all things Time Magicment(TM), Shannon J. Gregg.



As you can see from my photo, I’ve accomplished a lot of things in life…including being a TEDx speaker, being quoted in the Wall Street Journal, being mentioned in the Huffington Post — not to mention running a law firm and a business strategy firm AND working my butt off to be a good son to my parents, and taking care of my friends and family.

But it wasn’t always this way.  Until recent years I really struggled.

I hadn’t thought about time management, much less written a book on it (“It’s About Time”) or invented the Time Magicment(TM) philosophy and materials.

No…I was like most people out there.  Maybe like you.

This isn’t at all about better or worse — it’s about a completely different view of time that can radically change your life.

Up until a few years ago, I worked for some of the biggest law firms in the world.

It seemed really glamorous.

The pay was GREAT.

I have many nice dinners and worked on fun deals.

But that was the center of my life – work!

I was working in a system where working more hours meant more career success.

As you probably know, at a law firm (or accounting firm, engineering firm, or any other type of firm) the more you work, the better you do.  More work = less life = more success.

Well, that is…more success in the eyes of your bosses.  But not for you.

You may be in a situation where you feel you have to work more for more success.

Let’s throw conventional wisdom out the window. We can show you a whole new way to think about things.

Now I bet if you are reading this, you are a business owner or work in an entrepreurial position in a company (such as being on a sales team).  Or you want to control your own destiny now or in the near future.

Your world is all about results.

The more you can do in less time = success.

And I was brought into this world by surprise.

When I started my own law firm in 2012, I moved from being in the more hours = more success world to the efficiency world, where time management truly matters.

And I was in for a rude awakening.

I struggled!

But as time wore on, I worked on my time management skills and I continued to assist even more clients on their projects.

You see, I was always working with people on time management.  I just didn’t see it.

My efficiency increased and suddenly folks wanted me to train them on time management.

And I build systems that work – that’s one of the big things I’ve done for clients my entire career. I offloaded all the best of my time management, my client’s time management and the popular systems (which are mostly ineffective).

All of that time management knowledge are now part of the Time Magicment(TM) process.

I know what this system can do for you.

It can change your view of time.

It can lower your stress.

It can help you sell more.

It can allow you to reduce your hours and/or make more money.



[If you just have to get it now, click here]

And I want to help.

Shannon and I have a mission to impact 10,000 careers.  So we have to get the word out.

And that brings me to me helping you.  Helping you get to a life of your dreams.  Where you see your family more.  Make more money.  And work less.


Right now we are offering a special bundle.  We’ve bundled together our most valuable materials in a useful package that you can start implementing right away.

NOW…Remember my partner Shannon pictured above?

I had a little disagreement with her.

I looked at how much this system can do.  How finding hours in your week – every week – for the rest of your life can fundamentally change your future. How much more you can accomplish using these materials.

The impact could easily be millions of dollars.  At the minimum hundreds of thousands of dollars you can gain with this system. Many of those dollars could be earned back.

I knew at $1,197 this program would be a no-brainer.  A steal!

But Shannon said “lower Shawn”.  Really work hard so we can help more people.

I didn’t want to offer this for such a low price point.

The honest truth is what we are offering is way more valuable than what you can get it for today.  There shouldn’t even be a doubt in your mind about buying in at $1,197.

But Shannon reminded me we need to impact 10,000 careers.  So here we are.

I am going to offer you a super valuable package for a super low price.

I know some people are going to think I am CRAZY for giving you so much for so little!





This won’t last long.

It’s a New Year.  

We know so many professionals want to manage their time better.

We also know you’ve probably be let down by time management systems in the past.

What if…


*   You could manage your time better?

*   Feel less stress?

*   Get more done?

*   Sell more?

*   Spend more time with family and friends?



Time Magicment(TM) may be your answer. It’s changed the lives of so many already.

Get our special New Year’s Offer.  It’s Risk Free.

It’s Guaranteed to change you view of time and your life.

And the pricing is CRAZY cheap. We would NEVER offer our materials so inexpensively.  But we are on a mission to impact 10,000 careers.

AND we know when you see what we can do you will tell others.

So get these offers to start 2018 while they last.  Prices are bound to go up!

2018 Happy New Year Time Magicment(TM) Package:

Access to The Time Tribe – our online Time Magicment(TM) support community for an entire year (regularly $39/month or $429/year)

Access to Time Crushers –  Monthly meetings with other motivated professionals about how to do more with your time – for an entire year (regularly $499/year)

1/2 hour coaching with Shannon or Shawn (regularly $2,000/hour)

A copy of It’s About Time (our leading book, $11.99)

The Time Trainers – Regular Time Magicment(TM) lessons and reinforcement – for an entire year ($1,499/year)


We are offering a New Year’s Special.

All of this for $1,197.

And for those that act in the very first part of 2018 we are offering the entire package for $497.


That’s a crazy price!  It won’t last long.

AND We guarantee you’ll be satisfied.  If you use the tools, attend the meetings (for 3 months) and don’t get back twice what you paid in saved time – we will give you back your money.  THERE IS NO RISK.


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