We are excited that you want to be our affiliate.

This is going to create a great win-win opportunity.

We’ve worked hard to create quality offerings that will take great care of those in your network. We want you to know that we work hard and respect your relationships and want to take care of those that take care of you.

And we want to compensate you for the hard work you’ve done to build those relationship.

You’ll sign-up below. Then we’ll get into the good stuff.

As one of our affiliates not only will you get various offers that could benefit you financially but we are going to provide you with form emails and other materials to make your work as an affiliate even easier.

Once you sign-up we’ll get you access to the fun stuff.

When you get it (later in this process) make sure you save your affiliate information in a safe place – Word, Google Drive, Email, etc. – where you will have access to it. You’ll need it when introducing others to the GeniusCenter(™) Woman’s Book Club to make sure you get paid.

Let’s go help some people…and make some money.


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