Ever wish there were more hours in the day?

Do you just feel like you can’t keep everyone happy?

Time…The clock is always ticking…

Is this YOU?

I need more time!


I wish there were more hours in the day!


I struggle with getting the kids to school, getting all the work done and squeezing in a little family time at the end of the day. Sometimes I just want to give up.


I want to know how to sell more in less time.


We know your pain.






Have you tired those the same old lame time management systems and books that are floating all over the internet?

Have you made an honest try to use a bad (for you) time managment system?

Have you convinced yourself there is no answer?




What IF?

What if there was answer?

What if you could really get your time in order?

What if you could feel like you could control your day — rather than your day controlling you?



We are here to help.

R. Shawn McBride and Shannon J. Gregg have worked with business and leaders to get time under control.

We have found a way to make getting more control of your time SIMPLE.

You have the ability to do more in less time — and we can show you how!

The first step is to get a Time Magicment(TM) Assessment today so that we can give you specific suggestions based on your situation.

This free tool will give you the power to start taking back your time – and your life.



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Get a FREE Time Magicment(TM) Assessment TODAY!

Our free Time Magicment(TM) Assessment will tell you exactly where you are with time right now and where to focus your attention.  We’ll e-mail it to you right away so you can get your results. After you get your results we’ll provide input on what your next steps are using our proven Time Magicment(TM) process.

All you need to do is put sign up here.



We respect your e-mail address.  Check out our policy.

“It’s About Time” is the popular book that helps professionals to do more of what matters in the time they have.

Acclaimed for making time management simple and accessable, “It’s About Time” is the perfect book to start your journey to Time Magicment(TM).

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