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The GeniusCenter™ Book Club for Women provides a new, live, and interactive way to be a lifelong learner!

The most successful people have serious reading habits.

So, you’re a reader. You’re constantly looking to improve your skills and knowledge. You know that books are such a great way to do this! But…how do you choose the best business books? And, how do you know that they are the best for you, as a powerful woman in business?

The GeniusCenter™ Book Club for Women will guide you on an interactive journey to learning and development. Each book is hand-picked to contribute to your overall goals as a woman in any stage in her career.

Every month, you’ll receive a book focused on YOU. You’ll also receive a book review and reader’s guide to help you maximize your focus. And, you’ll get exclusive members-only access to a live presentation led by the author of that month’s book! Wow.  Where else can you get direct, LIVE access to your favorite authors?

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JULY 2018

Can You Afford to Ignore Me?, Elisabet Rodriguez Dennehy


Nice Girls DO Get the Sale, Elinor Stutz


Reset: Your Career Starts in Your Mind, Brenda Vester


Amplify Your Business, Kenny Harper, Jen DeVore Richter, Manny Torres


Say Yes, Tara Jaye Frank


Happy Woman, Happy World, Beate Chelette


It’s About Time, R. Shawn McBride and Shannon J.Gregg


Business Blunders, R. Shawn McBride

MARCH 2019

Coming Soon!

“I recommend all women join this club immediately – the ability to have direct and LIVE access to the very people who literally wrote the book is unparalleled.  You read the book, you get to ask the authors questions – your level of learning and application is so deep!  You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity.” – FRANCES RIOS,

“I love to read books that will help me to move forward in my career, and I cannot believe how personal and impactful this book club is.  The interaction with the authors is taking my commitment to lifelong learning to a whole new level!”  – MONICA VENTURELLA, Director, Sales Development

You’re the one all of your friends turn to for advice on what to read next. You’re focused on developing yourself in your career – and you are looking for help and guidance where you can find it (and it’s probably not coming from your boss). You know that you need to sell yourself and your ideas in order to progress – and you will NOT want to miss the Women’s Book Club.

For only $37 per month, you will receive each month’s book shipped directly to your address, the reader’s guide and book review, and access to a live and interactive presentation from the author, where you get to ask questions and go deep! This unprecedented access is only available to members of the Women’s Book Club.

Your monthly subscription provides you with guided and targeted learning to help you develop into the professional you were destined to be – and will become your secret weapon.



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