Do you have big dreams of success in business?

Are your looking for your next big break?


I love applying learning from one industry to another.  Why reinvent the wheel?  Come on.


There are amazing parallels between the speaking business (where I spend a lot of my time), and arts – acting and musicians in particular.

The other night I got the watch the documentary “Hired Gun”.

The documentary profiled a lot of musicians – including a lot of “Hired Gun” or back-up singers, guitariasts, drummers and the like who often in the background when the major artists are getting all of the attention.

Some of the hired guns go on to great things – after they pay their dues and build their skills. Some don’t.


But the business lessons are clear. There is a small pool of hired guns that are good enough to perform for the top acts. And they get more opportunities. And some of the smart hired guns get to break out and do big things.

If you are building a business you too need to build skills and experience and look for opportunities for your “big break”.  It’s a tough road as you’ll hear throughout the show. But it seems like those that keep trying and innovating are the ones that make it.


If you like music and you want a change of pace – and still get some good lessons on building your business – check out “Hired Gun”.  I found it on Nexflix.


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