Here are questions we commonly get from people just like you, who want to take complete charge of their time and do more with the time that they have.  Want to know about something else? Drop us a note after reviewing the questions and answers below:

What makes “It’s About Time” and Time Magicment(TM) different than other time management books and systems?

We’ve studied the big time management systems. They almost all do the same thing, and they have a bunch of mechanical rules that must be followed.

And you know what?  For most people, the author’s system doesn’t fit their world or business and they end up walking away frustrated, angry and with less time and money.  Exactly the opposite of what was desired.

“It’s About Time” and Time Magicment(TM) start from a completely different philosophy. Our system starts with knowing “why” the time management goals are important. Then we work to build an authentic system that is tailored to your needs and goals.

What is this Time Magicment(TM) and what does it mean?

Time Magicment(TM) is time management that is so authentic to you and your needs that it is magical. We use our unique systems and processes so that you can do more of what matters to you.

The magic is in a whole new view of time and what is important to you.

What makes you qualified to teach Time Magicment(TM).

First, we created Time Magicment(TM). It’s our brainchild. Who better to teach you than the creators, R. Shawn McBride and Shannon J. Gregg? No one else before us has created a system like this.

More importantly Shawn and Shannons careers forced them to be experts in time management – and they were spending all of their time helping other with their plans. They have been working with others for decades (combined) on their time management issues.


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