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1/15/18 – Shawn discusses speaker selfies.

1/11/18 – Gender and Pay.  Are you ready for real?  Shawn on [Video].

1/10/18 – Are profits the most important thing in business?

1/10/18 – Understanding selling your business. Shawn on [Video].

1/10/18 – Can you sell more with the Do Business Differently(TM) philosophy?  Shawn on [Video].

1/10/18 – Shawn talks about lessons from Kodak.

1/8/18 – Separating Yourself From Your Business. Shawn on [Video].

1/8/18 – Is Your Desire For Pleasure Holding You Back In Business?  Shawn on [Video].

1/8/18 – Shawn Talks About Taking The High Road.  Shawn on [Video].

1/8/18 – Shawn Talks Bitcoin (finally).  Shawn on [Video].

1/8/18 – Shawn thanks his fans for 90,000 Facebook fans.  Shawn on [Video].

1/8/18 – Motivation: Remove Distractions.

1/8/18 – Motivation:  Today I Plant the Seeds For Tomorrow.

1/7/18 – Motivation:  The Best Use Time Wisely.

1/7/18 – How you feel about innovation might vary by where you live.

1/5/18 – Shawn is going to DC in February. What?

1/5/18 – What key skills will define your future?

1/5/18 – The Pace of Change is Increasing.  How will you deal?  Shawn on [Video].

1/5/18 – It’s not luck for your new year’s resolutions.  Shawn on [Video].

1/5/18 – A blog about new year’s resolutions slipping away.

1/4/18 – MEDIA APPEARANCE:  What do women do great in business?  How can you make better partnerships?  What are some common business mistakes?  Shawn answers those in this radio interview with the Women in Business Radio Show in the UK.

1/4/18 – Dealing with Criticism.

1/4/18 – Tips on Projecting Your Voice.

1/4/18 – How Do You Manage Time If You Have An Unusual Schedule?

1/3/18 – Are you Doing Business Differently(TM)?  Shawn talks about lessons from Tofe Evans.

1/3/18 – Should you offer first in negotiations?

1/3/18 The sell or not to sell formula by David A. Fields.

1/3/18 – What a scam can look like by Dawnna St. Louis.

1/2/18 – Shawn talks about having an attitude of gratitude.

1/2/18 – Shannon and Shawn wish you a Happy New Year – AND make an amazing offer.

1/2/18 – Embrace the direction and start doing.

1/2/18 Speaker liability.  Shawn discusses whether speakers should have insurance.


12/31/17 – So you just know you want to be a speaker? Shawn shares some thoughts on the business.

12/30/17 – Shawn bets you are leaving money on the table in your business.  See Shawn discussing.

12/30/17 – Speaking apps to help you.

12/30/17 – Why are you wearing crazy suits, Shawn? – See Shawn discussing.

12/30/17 – Business lessons from the documentary “Hired Guns”.

12/29/17 – Time Magicment(TM) for 2018 – Shannon and Shawn discuss it Live!

12/29/17 – Powerful tips from Dianna Booher.


Of course you can always see Shannon and Shawn in action here.

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